One of My Big Goals for 2013

Heading up Mt McDonald past the Cotter Dam

My first post for the year focussed on the key steps you need to take to achieve your goals. I said I would use one of my big goals for this year to illustrate how the process works. This year I’m going to ride 6,000km on my road and mountain bikes. Indoors doesn’t count. It’s a big step up for me as my best guess is I rode somewhere around 3,000km last year.

Here’s what I’m doing to make sure it happens:

1) Write it down – don’t just think it or say it, put it down in writing. Keep it somewhere close to you, look at it again – keep it front of mind. Add an inspirational photo or picture to make you feel good about it. I’ve written it here. I keep a list of my goals that I regularly look at – it’s on there. I think about it every time I get on the bike.

2) Make it tangible, quantifiable – put a number on it. Be specific with what you want to achieve so you know when you get there. I could have just decided to ride more this year or get fitter but how would I know I was getting there. I decided it would be 6,000km – that way I know whether I get there or not.

3) Reduce it to bite size chunks – set yourself mini goals along the way so you know exactly how you are tracking.  I know that to ride 6,000km this year I have to average a touch over 115km per week. So far I’ve ridden 1,027km which puts me at an average of 128km per week. While I’m ahead right now I know that come winter in Canberra I won’t be riding much in below zero temperatures (some call that soft – I call it smart!).

4) Be accountable – tell others, it could be your wife or husband, business partner or post it on social media and be accountable to the world! I’ve told my family and my riding mates. I know people have seen it on my blog because they’ve asked me about it. It motivates me to get there!

5) Celebrate your success! Once you get there make sure you enjoy the moment. I haven’t thought too far ahead yet because there is still a long way to go! No doubt though when I get there I will do something special to mark the milestone like a good bottle of red, a new bike??.

One question I have been asked a few times is how I stay motivated. People are often motivated in different ways. I love riding my bike but that alone hasn’t been enough to make it happen. If I watch cycling on TV it makes me want to get out and ride. I use a great app called Strava to track all my rides. It tells me how far I’ve ridden and how fast I am so I know if I’m getting fitter. But even better is I can follow my mates on there and see the rides they do. It really motivates me when I see someone I know is getting out there and clocking up the km’s. But I also love setting myself a goal and working to get there – the sense of achievement is really satisfying.

So how are you going with your goals this year? A new year’s resolution that’s a distant memory or are you kicking and well on your way?

3 thoughts on “One of My Big Goals for 2013

  1. Hi Dave, thanks for the goals advice. I believe accountability to goals is a core value of a great adviser. Goals can sit largely unattended and forgotten in a financial plan or a fact find. The great adviser brings them to life and leads the financial plan journey discussion at the front. I would love to know how you relate the analogy of cycling to money? I also love that you ‘lead by example’ in a challenge or goal. Thanks.

  2. Hi Dave, to your comments about how to stay motivated, I once read something that resonated with me – don’t wait to feel motivated; get out there as though you are motivated and the motivation will come.

    Thanks for sharing your tips.
    All the best with your bike ride, and well done for being ahead of plan – always a good feeling!

  3. Keith, thanks for your positive feedback. Yes, the follow through is so important. Goals need to be reviewed and monitored and also updated and tweaked as required.
    I’ll work on the cycling analogy for a future post but I often compare financial planning to personal training. Some people will be fine on their own, some think they will be ok but aren’t, and some will thrive with the benefit of advice, motivation and accountability.

    Great comments Win! I think motivation can vary so much different people. Some have no trouble at all being motivated, others just need the occasional pep up or kick into shape while some will struggle and need more proactive guidance. It goes for financial advice and cycling!!

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