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5 Reasons to Give Up On Active Investing

“Active management is little more than a gigantic con game.” Ron Ross, Ph.D We all want to be better than average, it makes us feel smarter. Who hasn’t been enticed by a big glossy ad […]

A Positive Start to the Year

After another tough year for sharemarket investors, 2012 has started on a better note. We’ve seen more positive data from the US and China however concerns remain over the state of the European debt crisis. In […]

Fearless Forecasts for 2012

Well it’s the time of year to be guessing what might happen in the next 12 months. There are tips on what’s in store for technology, the grand final winners and of course the sharemarket. […]

The Difference between Price and Value

In simple terms, Price is what you pay for something and Value is what it’s worth. If you think about a bike (yes I’m a bit obsessed) the Price might be $1,500 but the real […]

Where to Invest for Income?

I was asked by Jane, a client of mine today “where is the best place to invest $100,000 if I need income?. I’m thinking about shares but given everything I’ve been hearing in the news […]

Further Market Update

In the US overnight the Dow jumped almost 4% to finish back above 11,000 points. This came after a  Federal Reserve announcement that its benchmark interest rate will remain near zero percent until 2013.  The […]

Market Update

We have spoken to leading asset consultant, Russell Investments, who continue to monitor the economic situation and they have provided us with the following information. Market Action A gloomy global economic outlook sent investors on […]