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Budget 2018 – Election Ahead

ScoMo has just handed down his 3rd Budget. You know there is an election ahead when you hear the news that “unexpected revenue” means we get tax cuts. It’s a delicate balancing act trying to […]

Thinking About Retirement

There is much more to think about than money when it comes to retirement.

Budget 2014 – What Does it Mean for You?

After what has seemed like months of expectation, leaks and rumours – Budget 2014 has finally been released. We’ve been asked to “share the pain”. In Joe Hockey’s words “the age of entitlement is over […]

When Choosing to Do Nothing is Good For You

Sometimes choosing to do nothing can be good for you – it can even save lives. A paper by Eric Johnson and Daniel Goldstein titled Do Defaults Save Lives? examined the organ donation consent rates across […]

Are you Serious? Why $1m in Super May Not be Enough

It may sound crazy but $1 million in super may not be enough for a comfortable retirement. Deloitte have just released their latest report on superannuation in Australia. They highlight some big issues that will […]

Budget 2013 Summary – As it Happens

Given all the leaks and pre budget announcements around superannuation there was not a lot of big news. Last year was all about a “budget surplus”, this year it is all about ” jobs and […]

Worried about Retirement? Here is How a Great Adviser Can Help

When planning for retirement there are some typical problems for most people: Don’t know how long they have to work for Not sure what lifestyle they can afford to lead on an ongoing basis Stressed […]

Over 60’s to be Taxed on their Super?

There has been plenty of talk recently about what changes the government may or may not make to superannuation in the upcoming budget. Pressure is mounting on Labor to be seen as “fiscally responsible” and […]

Is Social Media more Important than your Financial Future?

According to marketing firm ExactTarget, online Australians Spend 3.6 hours per day on social media. But how long do they spend thinking about what their retirement might hold? Nowhere near as long if the latest […]

4 Reasons Why Gen X and Gen Y Need to Start Thinking About Super

How Your Super is Invested is a Huge Decision Do you know what your super is invested in? How much do you have in growth assets like equities? What about in defensive investments such as cash […]