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When Choosing to Do Nothing is Good For You

Sometimes choosing to do nothing can be good for you – it can even save lives. A paper by Eric Johnson and Daniel Goldstein titled Do Defaults Save Lives? examined the organ donation consent rates across […]

How Life Insurance Saved this Cyclist after a Serious Injury

Imagine you are out on your morning training ride. There is plenty of traffic passing but it’s no big deal, as you’ve ridden along the same road so many times before. But today a passing […]

If I got sick and couldn’t work for 4 years my family would…

a) rely on help from other family members b) rely on help from the government c) survive on one income or my wife/husband would go back to work or; d) sell the family home to […]

Life Insurance – Do the Insurers Really Pay?

In 2012 life insurance claims paid by insurers in Australia totalled $4.4billion. I’m pretty sure that those who received life insurance payments weren’t expecting to make a claim. None of us do. But consider what […]

When was the Last Time you Reviewed your Life Insurance?

In late 2011 we reviewed insurance for one of our clients and added some additional cover that he didn’t previously have. In less than 12 months he unfortunately had reason to claim on the cover […]

Life Insurance Claims – Explained

A common question I am asked is “Do life insurers try to avoid paying claims?” Here I discuss the claims process with Chris Zegers, Business Development Manager at Macquarie Life.

Why I’m Passionate about Life Insurance

Insurance advice is about more than just selling a policy. It provides protection, comfort and can ease the financial concern.

Direct Life Insurance vs Personal Insurance Advice

Often you can’t get through a commercial break on TV without seeing an ad for life insurance. As a basic no frills, low cost service there is no doubt direct insurers have a place. You […]