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How Much Money Do You Need to be Happy?

There have been numerous variations of this search question that have lead people to my blog. Do you think that earning a certain amount of income or reaching a particular level of wealth will make […]

When Choosing to Do Nothing is Good For You

Sometimes choosing to do nothing can be good for you – it can even save lives. A paper by Eric Johnson and Daniel Goldstein titled Do Defaults Save Lives? examined the organ donation consent rates across […]

Investment Wisdom from Warren Buffett’s Latest Shareholder Letter

Each year the shareholder letter written by Warren Buffett’s for his company, Berkshire Hathaway is highly anticipated. The latest Forbes Rich list has named him as the 4th richest person in the world. When he speaks […]

Should You Use Google for Financial Advice?

The easiest way to find an answer to most questions these days is to google it. In fact it has become a standard response to a question hasn’t it? “What’s the population of France?” “I […]

Is your retirement planning all about how much money you need?

One of  the discussions I have with clients is around what’s important to them.  These discussions are about getting deeper than just the financial aspects of their life, it’s understanding what fulfils someone.  What do they […]

One of My Biggest Mistakes – Debt Part 1

At the age of 23 I took off on my first big overseas trip. It was a three week adventure seeing some of the biggest sights in the US. I went to LA, Vegas, a […]

Are you Serious? Why $1m in Super May Not be Enough

It may sound crazy but $1 million in super may not be enough for a comfortable retirement. Deloitte have just released their latest report on superannuation in Australia. They highlight some big issues that will […]

Cashflow Management – It’s Not Just for Businesses

As I say cashflow is king – it certainly is if you want to get ahead financially.

The Cost of Raising a Royal Baby vs an “Average” Baby

I have no idea what the cost of raising a royal baby is but I expect it would be a lot higher than the cost of raising an “average” baby – which itself is not […]