The Disconnect between Values and Investments

One-third of consumers choose to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. This report from Unilever shows that increasingly people care about the impact on the planet that results from the products they buy. A recent Lowy Institute survey revealed 59% of respondents believe climate change is a "serious and pressing problem". In … Continue reading The Disconnect between Values and Investments

What is the Purpose of Capital?

Jed Emerson is an internationally recognised thought leader in impact investing and the originator of the concept of Blended Value. "I coined the term Blended Value to reflect what I felt was the reality that value was whole and that what all of us were bumping up against was a bifurcated world which asked us … Continue reading What is the Purpose of Capital?

Why Invest Responsibly?

Responsible investment is a process that takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into the investment process¹. The PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) lists the following factors² behind the growing momentum in responsible investing: recognition in the financial community that ESG factors play a material role in determining risk and return; understanding that … Continue reading Why Invest Responsibly?

The War on Waste – Good for the Environment​ and Your Wallet

The new series of War on Waste kicks off on the ABC tonight at 8.30pm. It's fair to say Series One last year was an eye opener for every day Aussies. Seeing just how much food, clothing and household stuff goes to landfill was pretty shocking. Good little consumers, we have become! But have we … Continue reading The War on Waste – Good for the Environment​ and Your Wallet

Impact Investment Market Quadruples in 4 Years

Investors are realising they can do good with their capital without having to sacrifice the financial return. And fund managers and institutions are responding with new products to cater for a significant increase in demand. The Benchmarking Impact Report 2018 has just been published by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia. It provides an in depth analysis … Continue reading Impact Investment Market Quadruples in 4 Years

Latest Retirement Research

Two recent retirement studies provide some useful data to contemplate when thinking about your retirement. How do spending patterns change over the course of retirement? One of the biggest fears for a retiree is running out of money. And that fear impacts spending. New research from Milliman graphs the income/expense patterns of low, middle and … Continue reading Latest Retirement Research

When is a Balanced Fund not a Balanced Fund?

  There has been discussion recently on the difficulty of comparing apples with apples when it comes to Balanced super funds. Chris Brycki - Founder and CEO of Stockspot has a 2 parter titled "How super funds play the ratings game" And Marshall Brentnall - Financial Adviser at Evalesco posted a terrific thread on Twitter … Continue reading When is a Balanced Fund not a Balanced Fund?

Responsible Investing – The Rising Tide

Serious momentum is building in the responsible investment space. According to the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA), 9 in 10 Australians expect their super/investments to be invested responsibly and ethically. This is no longer a fringe issue. The trend is the same in the US. The Sustainable Signals survey by Morgan Stanley last year, found 75% … Continue reading Responsible Investing – The Rising Tide