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Why Failing to Achieve a Goal is OK

Earlier this year I wrote about my big cycling goal for this year. I was aiming to ride 6,000 km in 2013 which was a huge step up for me. I used this goal to […]

How Life Insurance Saved this Cyclist after a Serious Injury

Imagine you are out on your morning training ride. There is plenty of traffic passing but it’s no big deal, as you’ve ridden along the same road so many times before. But today a passing […]

Riding to help cure Kid’s Cancer

Here is a short video about my cycling goal this year and why I’m supporting the great work done by The Kid’s Cancer Project. This calendar year I’ve set myself a goal of riding 6,000km. […]

One of My Big Goals for 2013

My first post for the year focussed on the key steps you need to take to achieve your goals. I said I would use one of my big goals for this year to illustrate how […]