The Investment Series

 On Channel 9 at 12pm Saturday 4th and 11th June

On Channel 9 over the next two weeks I’m fortunate to be able to share the story of one of my clients, Steve Crowe. Steve is the managing director of Challenge Consulting and is a highly successful businessman. In his early 50’s, Steve is very much focused on his business but he’s also thinking ahead about how his future might look.

The Investment Series provides an insight into the adviser and client relationship. We talk about Steve’s goals and what’s really important in life for him and his family. Steve does a risk profiling exercise to get a better understanding of his personal attitude to risk. We then take a look at 3 very different fund managers and discuss how they might align with his goals, risk tolerance and strategy.

Don’t expect to see the complete picture of the advice process (hey it is only two 30 min. episodes). But what Steve (or any other client) wouldn’t normally get to see is the “behind the scenes” research that goes into assessing the suitability of an investment. In the show, each of the fund managers faces a grilling from the Guardians. The Guardians – Amanda Gillespie, David Wright and Matt Heine ask the questions the investor needs the answers to.

Filming the show was a fantastic experience and it was really satisfying to see how much Steve learnt through the process. The biggest learning for Steve was:

Knowing when to question, what questions to ask and knowing when to rely on expert advice.

The Investment Series is the latest show from Vanessa Stoykov and the team at Evolution Media. In these two episodes you’ll hear from Alex Vynokur from Betashares, Sean Fenton from Tribeca and Kerr Nielson from Platinum (who has been described as Australia’s Warren Buffett).

I hope you can tune in at 12pm this Saturday June 4th (and June 11th) on Channel 9. In case you miss it (or forget to record) it will be replayed Sunday on GEM at 12.30pm and available a few days later at The Investment Series website a few days later.

Check out the Trailer HERE.