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How Will Markets React to the US Election?

As the US Election race finally comes to an end next week (we hope), financial journalists are rolling out the most expected of headlines. I’ve just typed “what happens to markets if Trump wins” into […]

You Really Want to Know Where the Market is Headed?

As a financial planner it is one of the most common questions I get asked. But if you ask anyone in financial services for an honest answer, they’ll tell you the truth – a market […]

Financial Market Volatility and Global Growth

While I don’t intend for my Blog to focus only on market updates I think the current volatility we are seeing requires frequent communication. An important aspect of ensuring our financial lives are in order is to make […]

The Difference between Price and Value

In simple terms, Price is what you pay for something and Value is what it’s worth. If you think about a bike (yes I’m a bit obsessed) the Price might be $1,500 but the real […]