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When is a Balanced Fund not a Balanced Fund?

  There has been discussion recently on the difficulty of comparing apples with apples when it comes to Balanced super funds. Chris Brycki – Founder and CEO of Stockspot has a 2 parter titled “How […]

If Investment Funds Were Musical Styles

Let’s face it – there are so many different types of investment funds in the market, it’s hard to keep up. Even as a professional, I still have trouble working out what the latest “market […]

When it Comes to Your Money, No News is Good News

In markets, bad news can lead from worry to fear to panic. How can we deal with this to avoid money mistakes?

Investment Lessons from my Grandfather

“Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late” Benjamin Franklin When I was 19 I started investing in shares. My grandfather was a lifelong sharemarket investor and he encouraged me […]