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Should You Use Google for Financial Advice?

The easiest way to find an answer to most questions these days is to google it. In fact it has become a standard response to a question hasn’t it? “What’s the population of France?” “I […]

The Future of Advice

Earlier this month I presented at the Adviser Edge Conference – the world’s first Social Advice Summit. Over three days some of the leading advice professionals from around Australia gathered to share ideas and learn about […]

Take Control of Your Cashflow – Time to Do It

In a post last year I outlined the steps to Take Control of Your Cashflow. There are plenty of lists like that around. I’m sure you’ve seen them before and probably read them too and […]

5 Reasons to use a Financial Adviser/Mentor

Recently I was asked if all financial advisers do is give advice on shares. There is so much more a great adviser can do for you. To start with a Financial Plan that is regulary […]