The Investment Series – Series 3 – Trailer – Channel 9 – 2016

The Investment Series – S3  Part 1 – Channel 9 – 2016

In this episode, Steve tells me about what is important to him. We get a better understanding of his attitude to and tolerance for – risk.
We hear 3 different fund managers explain their investment approaches. Steve and I then discuss what questions we have for each of the managers.

The Investment Series – S3  Part 2 – Channel 9 – 2016

Steve and I watch the 3 fund managers getting grilled by “The Guardians”. We discuss how each of their investment philosophies might align with his goals.

The BIG Picture

The Big Picture is the starting point for getting your financial life in order. In this video, I outline the key steps I go through with clients to help them gain greater clarity for their future.

What’s Important to You?

What matters most in your life? While I am a financial planner, it goes goes much deeper than just thinking about money.