Some Things I’ve Been Thinking About

Just a few thoughts that have occupied my mind lately: You must have clarity of purpose The burden of expectation weighs heavily Spend more time doing stuff that matters When searching for happiness, start with […]

Super – Amendment to the Amendment

The latest changes to superannuation have been announced.

Are You Playing it Safe or Looking for New Trails?

I was out on my mountain bike for a quick ride on the weekend. I only had a brief window of opportunity so didn’t get further than about 10km from home. But I managed to […]

A Reminder to Myself

I went for a walk early this morning. As I put in the earphones to listen to some music, I looked up to this view. I turned the music off and thought about what I […]

Budget 2016 – Part 1 – Live Tweeting

Highlights from my #Budget2016 tweeting as it happened: I’ve gone all out with my #budgetsnacks this year #Budget2016 — Dave Rae (@1DaveRae) May 3, 2016 Huge changes for super with $500k lifetime non-concessional cap […]

Red or Black, Buy or Sell

Twenty years ago I made my first investment in an IPO*. It was 1996 and I’d not long finished my economics degree. I was young and dumb but armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. […]

Investing with Purpose

  The purpose of life is a life of purpose – Robert Byrne Increasingly I’m having conversations with clients about socially responsible or ethical investing. I’m not sure if we’re becoming more socially and environmentally […]

When Was the Last Time You Enjoyed the Silence?

I don’t mean when did you last listen to the classic track from Depeche Mode’s 1990 album Violator. When did you last sit in complete silence? We’ve been through a bit of a late summer […]

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Now

If someone you know has been diagnosed with a serious illness or you hear about someone dying “young” – does it give you a wake up call? Do you tell yourself, “remember to enjoy life, […]

Is Social Media Useful for your Business? 

If you’re reading this you’ll know my answer to that question.   The reason I pose the question is that I was asked this recently. Seriously??? It was common to ask this a few years […]