Financial Market Volatility and Global Growth

While I don’t intend for my Blog to focus only on market updates I think the current volatility we are seeing requires frequent communication. An important aspect of ensuring our financial lives are in order is to make […]

Why Do Only 3% of Australians have Trauma Insurance?

As a 37 year old male, there is a 22% chance that I will suffer a trauma by the age of 65. That’s basically a 1 in 5 chance! (Source: Risk Tool in XPlan) The […]

My Q and A with BT Investment Management

Recently I had a discussion with BT Investment Management (BTIM) regarding the current state of the markets both in Australia and globally. BTIM manages a significant pool of funds for investors, currently more than $40billion. I […]

The Difference between Price and Value

In simple terms, Price is what you pay for something and Value is what it’s worth. If you think about a bike (yes I’m a bit obsessed) the Price might be $1,500 but the real […]

The FRIENDly Ride

Beames and Associates is a proud sponsor of the FRIENDly Ride, a 5000km mountain bike journey from Cooktown to Canberra being undertaken by former Brumbies coach Andy Friend. Andy is raising money and awareness for Brain Injury Australia […]

Where to Invest for Income?

I was asked by Jane, a client of mine today “where is the best place to invest $100,000 if I need income?. I’m thinking about shares but given everything I’ve been hearing in the news […]

What to do (or not to do) with an Inheritance?

Recently I was interviewed for two articles in the Australian Financial Review. Bina Brown was writing on how to make the most of an inheritance and also on a smart estate planning strategy.  An enormous amount of wealth is expected […]

Underinsurance – what does it mean?

Despite the fact that we live in the best country in the world,Australiais one of the most underinsured of all developed nations. But what does that mean?  According to research by IFSA in 2005, only 4% […]

5 Most Common Questions in the last 2 Weeks

The Dow Jones has swung more than 400 points for the last four days running. It’s been a wild ride on the ASX as well. I’d expect this volatility to continue over the next few weeks. The […]

Further Market Update

In the US overnight the Dow jumped almost 4% to finish back above 11,000 points. This came after a  Federal Reserve announcement that its benchmark interest rate will remain near zero percent until 2013.  The […]