What Does Real Financial Advice Look Like?

Values – What’s Important to You

Before you start thinking about money, you need to understand what really matters to you. Is it family, freedom, recognition, giving back? Your goals, plans and strategies should align with your values.

Kick-Ass Goals

I don’t want you to just limit yourself to the standard – pay off the house and give the kid’s a good education. What does your ideal life look like? Maybe it’s quitting your job to fund a new business idea, a regular overseas snow season or semi-retirement at 50!

Know Your Numbers

If you run a business then you know how critical it is to understand your assets and liabilities and cashflow. Why should your personal finances be any different?

A Financial Roadmap – together

We want to make it clear – what actions do you need to take to get where you want to go. Keep it simple, automate it where possible and have clarity around the outcomes we are working towards.

Manage Your Behaviour

Chances are you will be your own worst enemy when it comes to money. Too often we rely on rules of thumb, media experts or what we think we know. Avoiding bad money behaviours will improve your financial outcomes.

And That’s Just the Start

Your financial life will take twists and turns along the way. You need to know when to adapt and when to stick with your strategy.

Let’s get into it…