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Best Australian Blogs 2014

You can vote for me in the Best Australian Blogs 2014 – People’s Choice Award. Click on the link below to go to the voting page. Just follow the instructions – my Blog name is […]

Knowing the Answer to this Question Will Change your Financial Life

How much did you spend last year? I don’t mean just taking a guess or a rough estimate. Exactly what was your personal spending last year? It seems like an easy enough question, however I […]

Budget 2013 Summary – As it Happens

Given all the leaks and pre budget announcements around superannuation there was not a lot of big news. Last year was all about a “budget surplus”, this year it is all about ” jobs and […]

Shorten announces Superannuation Changes

Bill Shorten has this morning announced Labor’s Superannuation changes. The measures include: – Introduction of council of superannuation custodians to assess future changes – Changes are prospective not retrospective – Tax free of earnings in […]

What is Important to You?

I’ve been spending more time recently talking with clients not just about their goals but the question of – what is really important to them? I was reminded again today of just how important this […]

RBA Cuts Rates – Winners and Losers

The RBA yesterday cut the cash rate by a further 0.25%. Great if you have a mortgage but not so good if you are relying on interest or term deposits for your income. Here are […]

Direct Life Insurance vs Personal Insurance Advice

Often you can’t get through a commercial break on TV without seeing an ad for life insurance. As a basic no frills, low cost service there is no doubt direct insurers have a place. You […]

I’m a Big Believer in the Value of Trauma Insurance

Over the past 12 months I have had too many friends and family members dealing with cancer. Trauma insurance can ease the burden during an incredibly difficult time. Here is a case study based on […]

Why You Should Ignore Today’s Interest Rate Cut (If You Have a Mortgage)

Read the headlines regarding today’s interest rate cut and you’ll see that on an average mortgage of $300,000, you’ll be saving $46 per month. However by doing very little you can turn this into a […]