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Budget 2018 – Election Ahead

ScoMo has just handed down his 3rd Budget. You know there is an election ahead when you hear the news that “unexpected revenue” means we get tax cuts. It’s a delicate balancing act trying to […]

Intergenerational Wealth – You Made it, Don’t Let Them Lose It

The transfer of wealth in Australia looms as a significant opportunity with around $3.5 trillion expected to be passed down over the next 20 years[1]. While this equates to an average inheritance of about $320,000, […]

Forget Budgeting, Make a Game Out of Your Money

Would you rather listen to The Wiggles – “Big Red Car” on repeat for 4 hours, than sit down and put a family budget together? I’ve never been a fan of doing a budget, especially […]

Budget 2017 – Better Days Ahead

The treasurer Scott Morrison is all about fairness, security and opportunity in Budget 2017. Some highlights: Increased funding for education, $18.6B over 10 years – on a needs-based analysis (see how your school is affected […]

Is Your School Affected by Funding Changes in Budget 2017?

With Budget 2017, the PM wants to ensure Australians “realise their dreams”. The biggest hit to the hip pocket for some could be in the form of higher school fees over coming years. The government […]

Warning for Borrowers: Your Lender is NOT Your Adviser

Buying a property? How much you can borrow is not the same as how much you should borrow.

Thinking About Retirement

There is much more to think about than money when it comes to retirement.

Where To Invest in 2017

Really? Why are you reading this? An article with a¬†headline like this is not going to help you decide what to do with your hard earned¬†dollars. Type it into Google and all you’ll do is […]

How Will Markets React to the US Election?

As the US Election race finally comes to an end next week (we hope), financial journalists are rolling out the most expected of headlines. I’ve just typed “what happens to markets if Trump wins” into […]

Stop Doing Stupid Shit with Your Money

We all do dumb stuff with our money. Even when we understand the mistakes we should avoid, we still make them. This list is compiled not just from what I see but mostly from what […]