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Tweets You May Have Missed

A few tweets I found interesting this week on:

Demographics and wealth, alternatives allocation, equality in funds management, investment contortions, SRI on the rise, today’s crazy headline, most popular money books ever and staring at your screen.

Tweets You May Have Missed

A few tweets I found interesting this week on:

Forecasting, a background to Finology, annoying finance phrases, solving business problems, retirement income nerves and sustainable investing.

Budget 2014 – What Does it Mean for You?

After what has seemed like months of expectation, leaks and rumours – Budget 2014 has finally been released. We’ve been asked to “share the pain”. In Joe Hockey’s words “the age of entitlement is over […]

Breaking Bad Money Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle We all have some bad habits when it comes to money. But there are not always easy to break […]

Why Failing to Achieve a Goal is OK

Earlier this year I wrote about my big cycling goal for this year. I was aiming to ride 6,000 km in 2013 which was a huge step up for me. I used this goal to […]

Are Gen Y Really the Nation’s Best Savers?

This week it’s been reported that Gen Y have the best saving habits in the nation. Now who said Gen Y were lazy and directionless? Both SMH and Smartcompany carried the news that the often maligned […]

Riding to help cure Kid’s Cancer

Here is a short video about my cycling goal this year and why I’m supporting the great work done by The Kid’s Cancer Project. This calendar year I’ve set myself a goal of riding 6,000km. […]

Who to Follow on Twitter – for Professional Advisers

When I was getting started in social and digital media, most of what I learnt came from checking out what others were up to. For any financial adviser this list will open up a world […]

Health is just as Important as Wealth

There is no point having all the wealth if you don’t have the health to enjoy it. We all lead busy lives but between work, family and other priorities sometimes it is hard to find […]

Should You Prepay Your Private Health Insurance?

From 1 July 2012, the private health insurance rebate will be means tested. There has been some discussion around whether prepaying next years premium will be allowed as a deduction by the Australian Tax Office. […]