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Red or Black, Buy or Sell

Twenty years ago I made my first investment in an IPO*. It was 1996 and I’d not long finished my economics degree. I was young and dumb but armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. […]

Investing with Purpose

  The purpose of life is a life of purpose – Robert Byrne Increasingly I’m having conversations with clients about socially responsible or ethical investing. I’m not sure if we’re becoming more socially and environmentally […]

Start at the Start, not the End

It’s so tempting to start at the end. The advertisements with the ‘promise’ of big return’s, usually highlighted with equally big text. There is always the standard disclaimer (usually in small type but who reads […]

5 Reasons to Give Up On Active Investing

“Active management is little more than a gigantic con game.” Ron Ross, Ph.D We all want to be better than average, it makes us feel smarter. Who hasn’t been enticed by a big glossy ad […]

You Really Want to Know Where the Market is Headed?

As a financial planner it is one of the most common questions I get asked. But if you ask anyone in financial services for an honest answer, they’ll tell you the truth – a market […]