If Investment Funds Were Musical Styles

Let’s face it – there are so many different types of investment funds in the market, it’s hard to keep up. Even as a professional, I still have trouble working out what the latest “market driven quant neutral real” strategy means??

So to put it in terms that are easier to understand – what musical style would these investment funds be?:

Hedge Funds = Hip Hop – some massive stars but a lot of crap, too much bling

Quant Funds = Ambient – lock yourself away in a dark room by yourself

Ethical Funds = Indie/Alternative – outside the mainstream who consider them a little weird

Balanced Funds = Middle of the Road – they do the job but no one gets that excited about them

Tax-Driven Funds = Eurovision – come around once a year and look fun but mostly turn out to be flops

Index Funds = Electronic/dance music – started on the fringe but now dominate. Cheap and easy to DIY

Whole of Life = Disco – big in the 70’s but pretty much disappeared

Technology Funds = Brit Pop – dominated in the late 90’s/early 2000’s before disappearing

Small Cap Funds = Heavy Metal – volatile and highly amplified

What I have I missed?

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