Don’t Forget to Enjoy Now

If someone you know has been diagnosed with a serious illness or you hear about someone dying “young” – does it give you a wake up call? Do you tell yourself, “remember to enjoy life, spend time with the important people and be thankful for them”. I certainly do.

But as the weeks and months pass, it’s easy to forget about it and slip back into the old routine.

How can you sustain that desire to live life to the full?


Here is one idea:

Create a goals/action plan to cover all aspects of your life such as family, health, home, passions, financial, growth, travel, business, community. What are you going to do in each of those areas to create the life you want. Write them all down. Some of them might be activities you do once a week, once a year or in 3 years time. Make the list as long as it needs to be. My list currently has 54 items on it.

Then you need to revisit it regularly. If you’re anything like me, you need to look at it again – you’ll forget half of it. At least every 3 months I go through my list and:

  • Add to it
  • Cross off a goal I’ve achieved or something that doesn’t matter any more
  • Remind myself of what I decided I should be doing


If you’re not living the life you want, what life are you living? Do you need some help to get started? Feel free to shoot me a message.

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