Is Social Media Useful for your Business? 

If you’re reading this you’ll know my answer to that question.  

The reason I pose the question is that I was asked this recently. Seriously???

It was common to ask this a few years back but in 2016? According to Mumbrella  Australian marketers will spend $410M on social media this year. But the best thing with social media is how much you can do without even spending a dollar. 

 If you are interested in:

  • More clients/customers
  • Educating your clients/customers
  • A deeper relationship with your client/customers
  • Business efficiencies
  • Growing your personal brand 
  • Being seen as a leader

Then I reckon you should be doing it. 

If you’re not sure how to do it or want some ideas – hit me up. Happy to have a chat and share some knowledge. 

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