Who to Follow on Twitter – for Professional Advisers

When I was getting started in social and digital media, most of what I learnt came from checking out what others were up to. For any financial adviser this list will open up a world full of learning opportunities and give you a headstart. Other professionals or business owners will also find ideas from these innovators that are easily transferable to what you are doing.

No doubt there are plenty more names that could be added to this list. Here I have complied who has had the biggest influence on me as started out on my journey. A huge thanks to all those below – some I’m sure don’t even know they have helped. You guys rock!!

Follow the links on their Twitter bio to find more of their groundbreaking stuff. Feel free to comment with who has inspired or helped you.

The Guru’s

@SocialAdviser – all round numero uno!

@trevoryoung – pr machine, twitter, blogging and big ideas

@TonyVidler – mr everywhere

@ElixirCoaches – twitter and video

@ColinTWilliams – bringing advisers together on social media through @HumbleInvestors

@jstackpool – twitter and innovative ideas on his blog

The Social Advisers

@CBadenach – an all round pro and winner of the first @FSsmileys award

@JBSFinancialJB – so social on Twitter and Linkedin

@MattLeech – website and video – outside the box

@MarshBrentnall and @jeffthurecht – video and conversation

@SarahRiegelhuth – all round brand power

@growthwise – twitter and @xero

The Insurance/Marketers

@rdunkerley – tech and marketing

@marcfabris – tech and where I learnt about blogging

@AndJenblack – integrating social marketing through @Lifewise2

Team USA

@MichaelKitces – tech, social, investment guru

@BillWinterberg – tech ideas and reviews for advisers

@DanVForbes – twitter, leader, motivator

@StephSammons – ideas for the @wiredadvisor

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