If I got sick and couldn’t work for 4 years my family would…

a) rely on help from other family members

b) rely on help from the government

c) survive on one income or my wife/husband would go back to work or;

d) sell the family home to raise some cash

This was the difficult situation faced by a client our our practice some years ago. A reality that no one wants to face. The better answer would be:

e) contact my adviser who would help with our claim on income protection and trauma insurance so we don’t need to worry about money

A good financial plan does not mean just thinking about the good times like saving for holidays, maintain your lifestyle or retirement. And it’s not just about advice on shares and investing. It’s also about protecting you and your family should something unexpected go wrong.

Check out the video below to see why I am so passionate about this. If you’ve got a question feel free to get in touch:

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