Worried about Retirement? Here is How a Great Adviser Can Help

When planning for retirement there are some typical problems for most people:


  • Don’t know how long they have to work for
  • Not sure what lifestyle they can afford to lead on an ongoing basis
  • Stressed because the future in uncertain, they don’t know, they’re living week to week and panicked that they may have left it too late

What sort of outcomes will a great adviser work with a client to achieve? Here are a few key ones:

  • Reassurance they will be ok or told the whole truth and shown the way to address the problem
  • Less stressed – once they have a plan
  • Know and can prepare for the lifestyle they will lead in future
  • Empowered to make choices and understanding the implications of their various choices
  • Have someone who will keep them accountable for changing the behaviour (if required) that has led to this point

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