Trauma and Income Protection – a Claim Story

In my previous post I discussed that when it comes to major illnesses, disability and early death, there is a tendency to think “it won’t happen to me”. I want to share a story of someone who it has happened to.

In November 2010 Ben Day was diagnosed with Leukaemia. It was May 2011 when he started chemotherapy. He stopped work completely and for the next 7 months endured the ups and downs that come with chemo. He finished treatment in November 2011 and was subsequently hospitalised with pneumonia which then required another month of recovery.

Ben is now in remission and feeling fit and well. He has follow up tests every 3 months and will eventually need more chemo and a bone marrow transplant.

Ben never imagined that at age 40 he would have a life threatening disease or now be un-insurable. Thankfully he had Trauma and Income Protection insurance – he never imagined that the best part of having that type of cover would be (when he really needed it). The best thing about being fully insured was, when he and his wife lay down to go to bed and started talking about all the things that were ahead of them, chemo, disability, illness, the children, death and the list goes on and on and on. They never had to discuss “what are we going to do about money?” As Ben says, you have no idea how wonderful that is.

Ben sat for 3 to 4 days at a time in a chemo ward and watched other people bringing lap tops into the ward, working while the worst stuff in the world was pumped into them. They were dressed in business outfits and did business on the phone. Do you know what Ben did? He went to sleep and when he went home he went to bed for about 2 weeks at a time. A nurse asked him if he was still working as she stuck a needle in his arm trying to find a vain. When he said “no I’m not”, she smiled and said “you’re lucky, most people keep working through this.” Ben smiled and thought to himself “I bet that’s not because they want to keep working, it’s because they aren’t insured.”

Ben’s message is simple “if you can afford it, take out Trauma and Income Protection now, when you can, don’t wait, it’s too important and if you ever need it you will be so glad you didn’t delay.”

Thank you Ben for sharing your experience and all the best in your recovery.

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